BREAKING: Second Blockade of Same Bakken Oil Train Today!

For Immediate Release:

BREAKING: Second Blockade of Same Bakken Oil Train Today!

August 7, 2017

Media Contact: Sophie Scholl, (360) 601-7187

What: In an unprecedented move, climate activists have blocked the same oil train for a second time in the same day. The second blockade is approximately 70 miles from the first site in Vancouver. This rolling blockade is a direct escalation with a clear message.

Where: 2648 Arrowhead Lane SE, Tenino, WA 98589

Why: Climate change impacts are escalating at breakneck speed. Our climate direct action will escalate as well. Politicians, bought by the fossil fuel industry, refuse to make the necessary changes recommended by climate scientists. Therefore, people have taken matters into their own hands.

These acts highlight the fossil fuel industry’s recklessness. The government and the industry is putting all of us in danger, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Who: Blockaders issued a statement anonymously:

We took action today not only to block an oil train and in opposition to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Our action is in solidarity with the J20 defendants who are fighting state repression, felony charges and facing decades in jail.

Our action is in solidarity with Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek – who successfully taught themselves how to sabotage the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), delayed construction of DAPL for weeks, and never got caught until they turned themselves in recently. We admire their courage tremendously.

We feel Ruby and Jessica showed inspirational leadership in getting us to step outside of our privileges and comfort zones and ask ourselves, “What are we willing to sacrifice and how far we are willing to go in our resistance?”

We encourage those who can to explore how to expand into new, bolder tactics, with strategic effectiveness in mind.

We also wanted to show that we don’t have to do direct action, such as blockades, while offering up our bodies willingly to the state and it’s repressive apparatus! We don’t have to wait around for the cops to arrest us.

Most of the infrastructure that is destroying the planet is isolated and unguarded and vulnerable and if we can continue to take action where the capitalists and their state are weak, and get away with it, we might be able to figure out how to take this whole thing apart.

— End Statement —

Blockaders have now left the scene.

Oil train picture taken earlier in Vancouver, WA. This is the same train that has been blocked twice today.

All actions today are a set of decentralized actions. No organization claims today’s actions.

This action builds on the blockade of this same oil train in downtown Vancouver, WA today.

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